To print or not to print? Couponing in the digital age has made things faster and more streamlined. On the flip side, sometimes the amount of available printable coupons is daunting. A main rule of thumb: only print when it's hot or when it's for a product you know you'll use.

Hot coupons are high in value and usually have a limited number of prints. These often make for super cheap, free or moneymaker items at the store, especially stacked with promotions and rewards (i.e. Catalinas, Register Rewards, ExtraBucks, or +Up Rewards). We'll alert you on the KCL website when new coupons come out and if it's one you should print right away. Even if you won’t use the product, consider donating to those in need!

Every family has brands and products they buy on a frequent basis. When a coupon comes up for one of these, print it off. Almost all coupons have a set number of prints, so you'll want to snag these when they first appear. Remember, you don't have to use every coupon you print out. Print out coupons in hopes that a great sale will come along to pair it with. If you don't get a chance to use it this time, no worries! Coupons often reset within a few days or at the beginning of a new month.