When Krazy Couponers walk into a store, where should they head first? The clearance section!

Overstocked items, seasonal leftovers, old models or products with small irregularities are often marked down for quick sale, sometimes at deeply discounted prices. Stores usually stock clearance items in out-of-the-way places like wall-facing end caps, on the bottom shelf, or at the back of the store. Every store will have its own location, so you’ll want to scout out each to know where they keep their clearance items.

So how do Krazy Couponers make the most of their clearance finds? Stack them with a coupon whenever possible! To be ready for clearance finds, make sure to clip coupons for any product you would want to buy or try for cheap or free. Curious about what type of clearance finds may be available in your store? Check out the KCL Brag Lounge, where shoppers share their great successes, including deeply discounted goods!

To save even more in your overall expenses, remember to check clearance racks in department stores, super centers, and office supply stores. For online clearance purchases, make sure to check sites like RetailMeNot for coupon codes which, if applicable to discounted items, will further lower your bill.