Tired of paying too much for Internet access? Don’t miss an exclusive offer from FreedomPop.

New users get one free month of super-fast 4G Internet service. Just cover the cost of your wireless device ($18.98) and you’re ready to go. After the trial period, FreedomPop is just $17.99 a month for 2 GB of data—far below the average service provider.

There are a variety of monthly service plans. For households with minimal data needs, FreedomPop provides 500 MB of free Internet indefinitely! That's perfect for the casual user who just needs to check e-mail and log in occasionally (like grandparents).

Created by the folks who invented Skype, FreedomPop is available at home or on mobile devices. There are no contracts; just pay as you go.

FreedomPop does not recommend heavy streaming (especially with online gaming) on their data plans. Plans are best suited for everyday usage like casual web surfing, checking emails, and streaming an occasional movie. We’ve been very happy with our FreedomPop service so far—it’s fast, easy to use and works well on the go.

The Details:

  • Visit FreedomPop.
  • Enter your email and street address to determine if you're in the coverage area (the coverage—fueled by Clearwire—is great).
  • Enter billing information.
  • Done. Look for an account confirmation email and a tracking number for your FreedomPop device. Once your device arrives, just plug in and enjoy a month of free, high-speed Internet!

Remember, as a subscription service, FreedomPop will automatically bill users for the monthly $17.99 rate at the conclusion of the trial period. Cancel your trial anytime by contacting customer support at 888-743-8107.

FreedomPop is a new company for KCL. FreedomPop has worked great for us so far; we’d love to hear from any fellow FreedomPoppers in the “comments.”