We were big fans of the Endorse cash back on shopping mobile app. Unfortunately, the company shut down unexpectedly June 19.

Make sure to transfer any accrued cash into your bank or PayPal account by 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 30.

Endorse is no longer making product offers, and users cannot upload receipts nor earn cash back or points.

Cash Out:

  • Cash out immediately using PayPal. No checks will be issued.
  • Already have a PayPal account? Open the Endorse app, go to the “Account” screen, tap “Rewards” and ensure “Payment Settings” are set to PayPal.
  • Enter the e-mail account associated with your PayPal account. Tap “Cash Out,” and money is instantly transferred.
  • Have points? Users with more than 500 points can exchange them for DonorsChoose donations. Just tap “Redeem” to get gift codes e-mailed to you. Users with fewer than 500 points will lose them.

Company officials say all accounts will be deleted, and personally identifiable data will be removed. Here’s a message from Endorse:

“Thank you for using Endorse and for supporting the company over the past two years. We will miss having the opportunity to help you and your families. We wish you all the best.”

E-mail any questions to hi@endorse.com.