If you’re like me, you have nightmares about losing your coupon binder (or maybe the worst has even happened to you!). A Krazy Couponer’s stack of coupons is her cash. Protect your investment by claiming ownership!

Whether you stash your coupons in envelopes, an accordian file, or binder, remember to write your name and contact information on it! We recommend writing your name in permanent marker on your file or binder and then having your full contact information in a prominent location such as the inside front. If you have individual store envelopes in addition, write your name and number on each.

Check & Double Check: If you’ve been a Krazy Couponer for more than a week, you’re already making sure you have your binder with you when you leave the house. In addition, check that you have your binder with you when you:

  • Leave the car/bus to go into the store
  • Pick up a cart
  • Head to checkout
  • Return your cart
  • Leave the store premises (whether boarding the bus, turning the car ignition, or walking home)

If you notice your binder missing at any point, retrace your steps and contact the customer service desk.