Alright, people. It seems the high-value $5.00/2 Clairol coupon is causing quite a stir and we wanted to submit to you our official response.

We originally posted the $5.00 coupon to be used with Herbal Essences products in our CVS matchups and then again in multiple scenarios at different stores, including Walgreens and Walmart.

When researching a new coupon and the products it’s eligible to be used on, here’s what we do.

First, we go to the manufacturer website and search products. Usually there is a products tab on their website.  If there is a coupon for $1.00 off CoverGirl “face” products, we visit and find what CoverGirl defines as a “face” product. In the case of the Clairol coupon, we went to and clicked on products.  Under their list of products are a variety of Nice ‘N Easy and Natural Instincts hair color products. Herbal Essences products are nowhere on the Clairol website.

Next, we went to Clairol’s Facebook page and saw multiple people asking for clarification on this specific coupon. Here is Clairol’s response: This coupon is good on only Clairol hair color. [We] totally understand the question, as Herbal Essences is Clairol, however Herbal Essences hair care products run their own coupons. With that said, it is ultimately up to the retailer if they will honor it the way you’d like to use it. My best advice is to give it a try. Hope that helps! Happy Weekend!

Because of these two things, we’ve decided to stop promoting the use of this coupon on Herbal Essences products moving forward. Because Clairol has said that it’s up to the retailer, we think it’s okay to continue to try to use the coupon with Herbal Essences products if you choose. But, please understand that you may be denied at checkout.  Again, we think it’s justified to use the Clairol coupon on Herbal Essences, but because of the confusion it will cause to couponers and to retailers we are going to advocate that it only be used on Clairol hair color products.

How do you think this coupon should be used?