is a site that saves members money and time by keeping them organized. This financial planning and organization site offers an automated and orderly view of all account information and text and/or email reminders to pay bills.

Visit Manilla and enter the “Get It Together Challenge” to win the “I Got It Together” $2,500 Grand Prize or many other prizes.

How to Enter:

  • Visit Manilla.
  • Sign up for free and link three accounts, guaranteeing automatic entry.
  • Already have a Manilla account? Just link three accounts and visit the “Win $2,500 Challenge” tab on Manilla’s Facebook page.

The Benefits:

  • Account statements linked to a Manilla account are automatically imported to the accounts tab section of the dashboard. Keep these imported online statements for as long as needed in a secure place.
  • Manilla allows custom text message alerts as bill payment reminders. Choose alerts for one, three, or seven days before a bill is due, when a bill becomes past due or when there’s an account issue. E-mail alerts can be set up in the same manner. It’s quick, easy and a handy tool.
  • Include all financial dealings and subscriptions like Groupon purchases (and expiration dates), Netflix subscriptions, and trial subscription cancellation reminders.
  • The Manilla app is available for both Android and iPhone and is completely free.