When it comes to organizing your binder By Category, you'll need lots of sleeves to house your coupons! Here at KCL, we recommend 9-pocket sleeves, like the kind used for baseball and trading cards. But sometimes coupons are just too big or bulky, in which case it can be handy to have a few different kinds. Below are available varieties you might want to check out!



  • Full Sheet Protectors: Used primarily for scrapbooking and academics, find these in the office supplies, school supplies, or the craft section.
  • 9 pockets: Used for baseball/trading cards. Often found near the front of the store, next to baseball and trading cards.
  • 8 pocket: Used for gaming cards. Find online or at a hobby shop.
  • 6 pockets: For tall/wide trading cards. Find online or at a hobby shop.
  • 4 pockets: For postcards and photos. Often found near the photo/camera section or a craft store by the scrapbooking supplies.
  • 3 pockets: Used for currency. Online or coin shops are your best bets for tracking these down.
  • 2 pocket: Traditionally used for storing 5×7 photos; you’ll likely find these near the photo albums.
Remember to invest in quality brand sleeves to prevent tearing (you'll be flipping through the pages frequently!)

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