Get a pair of back-to-school eyeglasses from Coastal Contacts for just the cost of shipping and upgrades! This is also a good opportunity to shop for a spare pair for rough-and-tumble kids, or in case a pair is lost or broken.

Coastal Contacts offers a variety of designer and name brand glasses for free, as long as new customers pay the cost of shipping and cover any extras (like stronger lenses or coatings). In our experience, the glasses range between $14 and $40. Any additional upgrades are clearly marked.

The pair we ordered arrived in two days, and that was over the holiday!

Browse through a large selection of free frames—Coastal Contacts has over 300 styles to choose from!

To get started:

  • Visit Coastal
  • Select frames and click continue.
  • Input prescription info.
  • Select lenses and any "extras."
  • Add glasses to your cart.
  • Securely enter shipping and billing information.
  • Enter code FIRSTPAIRFREE in the code box, and click apply.
  • The final total should only include extras and shipping and handling.
  • Remember, "upgrades" like stronger lenses or coatings will include an additional cost.
  • That's it! The glasses ship very quickly.

Kids' Lily Pulitzer Sienna Black Eyeglasses (reg $58.00) $46.49
Use code FIRSTPAIRFREE at checkout
Pay $0.00, and $14.92 shipping and handling
Final Price: $14.92 shipped

This offer is valid for new customers only. Lenses up to 1.5 index are free. Learn more about how to get free eyeglasses.