Before most of us couponers became "Krazy," we were either oblivious to prices or shopped supercenters or no-frill stores for their low prices. We even bought store brands or generics. Once we learned to save 50–90 percent on food and personal care products, things definitely changed!

The KCL Way: Want a stockpile of name brand products for super cheap? No problem! Just invest a little time and patience, and you can score big! The biggest secret of couponing is to gather tons of coupons, wait until products go on sale, and then stack the coupons with the promotions to get rock bottom prices. But what do you do if the perfect storm doesn't come along?

Coupon Newbies: If you're new to couponing, you may not have all the basics due to sale cycles (i.e. when seasonal products are on sale during the year, such as baking supplies during the holidays, BBQ condiments in the summer and school supplies in the fall). In this case, shopping generics at a supercenter may be your best bet to hold you over until a stock-up price comes around.

Without Coupons: Some products simply don't have coupons available very often, or at all. Examples include milk, eggs, bread and produce. Here, it's best to get the generic versions. Name-brand and store-brand milk (along with a myriad of other products) are often made by the same company but packaged under different labels. Don't feel bad about getting the cheapest milk versus the popular advertised brand; chances are, they’re exactly the same!

Dire Need: Need a product last minute, have strange pregnancy cravings or visitors with special diet needs? First, scan the ads to see if it's on sale at a store near you. If not, consider purchasing generic alternatives or comparing the generic price versus the name brand with an available coupon to snag the best deal.