If you’ve shopped a store several times, you're likely to know the general location of different products. However, you can speed things up by spending a little extra time mapping out the store for an even more streamlined shopping trip!

Love to be organized, have toddlers tagging along, or are pressed for time? Having a layout of the store and its aisles will go a long way to speed the process. When you have a distraction-free half an hour, go to your local store and write down what products are in which aisle. It may be a bit tedious, but you'll soon know exactly where things are. When you're done, file the store layout list in a sheet protector at the back of your binder. Then, while making your shopping list each week, write down the aisle number by each product you'll be buying in order of location. You'll then be able to shop from one side of the store to another without backtracking.

Looking for a shortcut? Some stores offer their layout online or in small brochures at the Customer Service desk, so be sure to ask!