Just read the Beginner’s Section and ready to get started? Check out these great tips!

1. Start small

Pick just one or two stores to start with. Go to the Krazy Coupon Lady website and write down the best deals at those stores. For your first trip, try just a few items that will require coupons—dip your toes in the water before plunging in.

2. Know the policy

Have the store coupon policy printout with you and understand it. You can find links to most store policies here.

3. Only use clipped out manufacturer coupons or in-ad store coupons

If you’re feeling trepidation, save your printable coupons for your subsequent outings.

4. Be prepared

Write everything down on your list, and make sure your binder is ready to go.

5. Go early in the sale week

Go the first or second day of the sale for the best chance to get the products you’re looking for. It can be disheartening if on your first trip the store is out of most of the things on your list you came to buy.

6. Pick the right time of day

Avoid rush hours at stores. I like early mornings or late evenings when there is less of a chance of a huge line forming behind you or the cashiers are really busy and therefore stressed out!