Redbox recently launched a new video streaming service to compete with Hulu Plus and with Netflix. New customers can sign up now for a month of free unlimited streaming and four free kiosk rentals. If you decide to keep the service after the 30-day trial, the charge is $8.00 a month for 4 Redbox rentals and unlimited video streaming. To avoid charges, cancel anytime before the first month runs out and you’ll be 4 redbox codes richer!

  • Visit Redbox Instant to get started.
  • Click “New Account.”
  • Enter name, e-mail, zip code and create a password.
  • Select the check box to agree to the terms. Click “Next.”
  • Enter billing and credit card information. Remember, you won’t be charged unless you keep the service beyond the 30-day trial.
  • Check the box to agree to the terms. Click “Next.”
  • Click “Finish.”

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