Curiosity got the better of me! I saw “take this quiz to find out your real age” and was hooked. I tried to click away, pass it up and move on. But I just couldn’t resist.

The quiz took about 10 minutes and asked a variety of questions related to family history, health, stress, diet and exercise. After answering the questions, I received a list of articles related to my answers. It’s a super simple questionnaire with a lot of great resources at the end! I received tips on how to get healthier and grow younger. The best news: it wasn’t spammy at all. In fact, I still haven’t received any emails.

Plus, the 10 minutes ended up being well worth it when I found I was 3 years younger than my actual age!

Find Your “Real Age”

  • Click here to start or bookmark this post and take the quiz later!
  • Enter your info. If you don’t want spammy emails, uncheck the box at the bottom.
  • Start the quiz.
  • Answer as honestly as possible.
  • Get your “real age.”
  • Uncover a new site full of great resources!