Online survey sites tend to get mixed reviews, with a few rare exceptions—like Pinecone Research.

What’s Pinecone?

Pinecone sends out surveys and test products to collect opinions from everyday consumers like you and me. Businesses use that info to make better products.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to qualify for membership. If you’re accepted, Pinecone is a reliable way to earn some extra cash for birthdays and holiday shopping. The site is Paypal-friendly and offers around $3.00 per survey.

Pinecone isn’t just a KCL favorite: it’s the number two-ranked survey site on SurveyPolice and has a 100% safe score from fraud protection site Webutation.

Join now:

  • Visit Pinecone Research.
  • Fill out a short questionnaire.
  • If you qualify, check your email, follow the link, and sign in using the information in the email.
  • Finish the registration process by answering a few more questions—this usually takes about 6 minutes.