Do you ever find while cleaning out your coupon binder that you missed a really good coupon after it expired? This can be frustrating, especially if there was a corresponding sale or its value made an item a stock-up price. Avoid this by keeping tabs on soon-to-expire coupons!

Front sleeves: Try adding 2-3 baseball card sleeves at the front of your binder. Go through your binder weekly, pulling out coupons that will expire within 1-2 weeks, and file them in these sleeves.

Envelope: File coupons in an envelope labeled Expiring Soon or in envelopes labeled by store name where you think the product is most likely to be on sale or at a low price.

List it: If it’s more effective for you, keep a list of all coupons and their expiration dates or just a list of soon-to-expire coupons. Consult this list when looking over weekly specials, or keep it with your shopping list.

If you don’t use some of your coupons before the expiration date, donate them to military families overseas who can use them up to 6 months past their expiration date! Find out the details HERE.