Want to give feedback and encourage a company to provide more coupons? Then say thank you!

Krazy Couponers love to get high-value coupons of any kind. Some of the highest-value printables come from Facebook companies promoting new products or celebrating anniversaries and holidays. When an awesome coupon comes along, take a few moments to write on the company’s Facebook wall or contact them via their website. Let them know you appreciate the coupons and look forward to purchasing the product soon. When companies receive positive feedback about coupon availability, they are more likely to offer additional coupons in the future!

Feedback is important. Whether it’s positive or constructive criticism, it helps shape future products and may lead to product improvements, benefiting you and the company.

Feedback is also significant for specific store locations. If you have a poor experience at a store, let the manager or corporate office know. We cannot expect improvements to be made if we don't report problems and offer suggestions. Retailers want to know what they can do to get and keep your business! On the flip side, if you have a great experience, retailers love to hear that their efforts are acknowledged and appreciated. When they are commended about products they carry or services rendered, they are more likely to keep doing what makes their customers happy.