Are you short on time but still want to cash in on the deals at multiple stores? Try shopping one store and price matching to get the most bang for your buck!

Fuel Tank Advantage: Driving to many stores, especially if they're far away, can be burdensome. Add to that rising gas prices, and you’ll see that shopping at one larger store can save your fuel tank and extra wear on your car.

Time Factor: Super busy schedule or stores far away? Try condensing your shopping trip into a once-a-week occasion at a single store. It may take an hour (or two), but getting it out of the way and freeing time up for work, school, or family can make it worthwhile.

Price Matching: If you can only shop one store, try to find one that ad matches competitor sales. This way you can cash in on numerous sales all at once. Most Target stores will price match at the customer service desk when you have the competitor ad in hand. They will also price match some online sites but will not match prices for produce or limited supply sales or accept competitor coupons. Walmart will let you price match at the register, and their policy says you don’t have to have the ad with you (though we find it’s easier to have it just in case). For specifics and exclusions, make sure to read and print out Target's and Walmart's Ad Match Policies.