Holiday gift card giving is right around the corner. And more likely than not, you’ve got a couple of unused cards sitting around from the last holiday or birthday.

Why not convert those into cash? It’s easy. All you do is sell your card on

Sell a card:

Check out and follow these steps to sell a gift card:

  1. Type retailer’s name in the box and click “Start Selling.”
  2. Enter the card’s serial number, PIN, current balance, and asking price.
  3. Selling an electronic card? Check the eGift card box. 
  4. Adjust the price at any time in order to sell.
  5. Once sold, print a prepaid shipping label.
  6. Mail card to buyer within 3 business days.
  7. Once shipping is confirmed, select Pay-by-Check or Paypal to receive funds.

Raise accepts physical gift cards, electronic gift cards, and merchandise credit from any business, retail store, or restaurant. Check out current listings to make sure your gift card will sell with a competitive price. 

Raise charges a 15% commission on all gift card sales. There is a $1.00 charge for a physical gift card. eGift cards reduce listing fees and do not require physical shipment.

Buy gift cards? is also the perfect place to buy discounted gift cards. Stack these cards with sales and coupons to really make the savings add up.

New customers can save $5 off $60 purchase using code RAISE60AF at checkout!