If you shop on Amazon, you know how frustrating it is to find your order a couple bucks short of the magic $25.00 mark—the minimum purchase to get free Super Saver Shipping. Don’t worry: here’s a list of this week’s top 10 Amazon Add-on Items to help you get the free shipping you deserve!

What's an Add-on Item?

Add-on Items are discounted products that cost too much to ship on their own. Add-ons are marked with a blue "Add-on Item" sticker, and can be anything from paper towels and toys to coconut oil and labels. It's a way for Amazon to unload excess stock at low prices and for shoppers to pad orders just enough to get free shipping.

When completing an order with Add-ons, remember to verify that your items are sold by Amazon; items from outside sellers often won’t qualify. You can even assemble an entire order of Add-ons—as long as it’s worth at least $25.00.

How can I find Add-on Items?

One method is to enter "Add-on Items" into the Amazon search bar and look around. Or, go the easy route and try a search site like Superfillers. Just remember, Add-on prices (like all Amazon prices) can change quickly.

Here are a few popular Add-on Items we found this week: