Good news for Swagbucks members! Today the site is having a Double Stuffed Swag Bucks day, which means extra earning opportunities, including:

  • Daily Poll will pay out 2 SBs.
  • Toolbar will pay out 2 SBs.
  • NOSO will pay out 4 SBs.
  • Free Play Games – members can win up to 10 times for a total of 20 SBs.
  • SBTV desktop – members can win up to 300 SBs but it will still require 10 videos to win 3 SBs.
  • All stores in S&E will be 2x SBs.
  • All Swagstakes will be on Double Entries.
  • 20 Swag Bucks in Swag Codes throughout the day, not counting Twitter Trivia.

If you’re not already a member of Swagbucks, this is the day to join! Swagbucks rewards you for the things you’re already doing online. Sign up here, click on "I have a sign up code", enter the coupon code FRUGALSWAG70 and automatically win 70 Swag Bucks!