Build your own bunting banner for as low as $3.99 at Jane for 2 more days or while supplies last! The sale price is 47% off the normal price of $7.49. Shipping is $2.00 for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item.

Each shape or color banner includes a 4-pack. To create a name or saying longer than 4 letters long, you must order multiple banner packs.

Jane is a daily deal site that sells unique boutique items. New items are added every day. Be sure to check out the entire selection of items ranging from clothing to home goods!

How to order:

  • Visit Jane.
  • Add to your cart the colors and shapes that you want.
  • Remember that they come in sets of four.
  • Add a set of letters or words to the cart.
  • Complete the checkout process.

Scenario on how to order items to create a 4-letter name:

Buy 1 Letters A-Z (reg $7.49) $3.99
Buy 1 colored 4-pack (reg $7.49) $3.99
Pay $7.98, plus $3.00 shipping
Final Price: $10.98