You rock matchups, apps, and store loyalty programs to get the best deals in town. Free and moneymaker are words you live by; you are a krazy coupon lady!

Put those coupon savings to work for you: start a free Capital One 360 Checking account and get a $50.00 bonus!

Here’s how it works:

Open a 360 Checking account and do one of two things within 45 days:

1. Make three card purchases.

2. Make three Person 2 Person Payments—the easiest way to transfer money electronically to anyone’s account.  Do it by day 45 and $50.00 will be in your account on or before day 50.

360 Checking accounts have no fees or minimums. The only thing you’ll need to worry about is what to do with your free $50—we’re thinking Christmas shopping.

Open your free account:

  • Visit Capital One 360.
  • Enter your personal information, then create and verify a PIN number.
  • Approve your personal information and agree to review account information electronically.
  • Set up your new account and accept terms and conditions.
  • Approve your account information and authorize a deposit to your new Capitol One 360 account from an existing account.
  • Do a final review and submit your information. Print out your account confirmation. Once your application is accepted, your transfer will post within a few days. Remember, overdraft protection  for Capital One accounts uses a line of credit linked to another account.