Okay, moms. You know how to put a stop to midnight nightmares and 2:00 a.m. coughs. You juggle dinner, piano lessons and soccer practice…while you’re helping Junior finish his last-minute science fair project.

Share all that hard-earned wisdom and get some honest advice from other parents just like you at MommyPolls.com. Voting on a question earns you 5 points; designing your own poll is worth around 45 points. There are also regular giveaways for popular kid products like LEGOs and more.

Because MommyPolls.com is a new and growing site, rewards—like gift cards—take quite a while to earn. For us, though, the best part of this site isn’t what you earn. It’s having a place to talk with other moms!

From potty training tips to baby food and booster seats, MommyPolls is the best place to trade parenting secrets.  It’s free, it’s fast and fun. We already know moms know everything; here’s a chance to share it!

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