Nearly every stay-at-home mom has been there (or has been there, but wont admit it). You get to a point when you realize your spouse’s income gets spread pretty thin each month. But how can you help? “I really don’t think I can get a regular job. I’d just be paying for daycare,” you think to yourself with frustration. Then it hits you, “I’ll browse the Internet for ‘work from home’ jobs!” you say with a smile, and give yourself a mental high five.

Most moms know how that brilliant plan works. After several hours of endless no-thank-you-looking Internet-based jobs, you get discouraged and decide it isn’t going to work out. Now what? We can’t all have a regular 9 to 5, or even 4 to 8 job while raising kiddos (and a husband). Is there no hope for us?

The answer is, yes, there is! Rather than trying to add to your family’s income, become the driving force behind saving the family’s existing income by “working” couponing like a full-time job. Here are some tips for how to do it successfully:

Tip 1: Set aside dedicated hours to research the Internet for deals, cruising the stores and coupon clipping. Time is money, and in couponing, time is saving money. Take advantage of nap time and school hours in order to get things done with as little chaos and drama as possible.

Tip 2: Designate and create a work space. Whether it’s a beautiful, color-coordinated office that could make even Martha Stewart a little nervous, or just your side of the bed, choose a place and set up shop!

Tip 3: If you’re new to couponing altogether, find out what supplies you’ll need and want to get organized. Organization will be your friend, and a lack of organization will be your worst enemy.

Tip 4: Discuss being given a specific amount of money for groceries, household items and gas with the breadwinner of the house. Your job (and kind of a fun challenge) is to get as much as you can while staying within your given budget.

Tip 5: Reward your efforts. When you do your job well and start seeing the savings, get that latte you’ve been craving or put a little bit of the money you saved away for a mani-pedi or a date night with your sweetie. Treat yourself the way you would hope for an employer to treat you when you’ve accomplished something great.

Hopefully this will encourage many of you to find purpose, or realize an existing purpose in your couponing. Becoming a money-saving powerhouse and being your own boss is possible. Just follow the links on the KCL homepage for some “on the job” training!

This is a guest post by Heather from Aurora, CO