Introducing a new, simplified way to keep up on all things related to your home: HomeZada.

What is HomeZada?

HomeZada is an online solution that allows you to manage everything home related in one place: seasonal home maintenance, home improvement projects, inventory for insurance purposes, and it even allows you to manage all of your home finances. In fact, it helps in the following areas:

1. Home maintenance. Many homeowners forget to do home maintenance tasks or are completely unaware of tasks they should be doing. HomeZada provides over 150 of these recommendations and automatically reminds the homeowner when these tasks need to be done with a property calendar.  Examples include:

  • Clean out the dryer vent duct to avoid clogs and house fires.
  • Drain your hot water heater to avoid mineral deposit buildup on the bottom of your hot water which can cause it to break sooner that its expected life.
  • Replace your air condition filters. If you don't, your HVAC systems works harder and burns out faster. Not to mention, your family is breathing contaminated air.
  • Vacuum out the refrigerator cooling coils. When dust builds up on the refrigerator coils, the refrigerator doesn’t get cold enough inside and the condenser breaks. Thus, forcing you to buy a new refrigerator before necessary.
  • Clean leaves out of the gutters to avoid damaging exterior walls and insulation which can increase heating costs and cause mold growth.
  • Here is a 1 minute video of how this works.

2. Home improvement projects. Most people undertake various project like kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, new patios and decks, finishing out a basement, etc. But they don't know what items they’ll need nor do they have a budget. HomeZada provides a library of 50 common home improvement projects with a shopping list and budget. In addition:

  • It helps homeowners keep track of expenses to save money when filling out their taxes.
  • It also helps them stay aware of improvement costs in case they decide to sell.
  • Here is a 1 minutes video of how this works.

3. Home inventory. Most people don't know the value of all their possessions in their home, thus they are underinsured. If a house fire, flood, tornado or hurricane were to destroy the home, the insurance company would not reimburse for all contents, and you might not get any reimbursement if you don't have proof of what you owned with photos and a list. HomeZada guides you through the process of compiling a comprehensive home inventory. Here is a 1 minutes video of how this works.

Why do I need it?

Since your home is most likely your largest asset, it is important to maintain its value, save money when maintaining and improving it, and stay better organized in order to keep it safe for your family. Plus, it will save you money by helping you stay on top of caring for your home in the right way!

Buy now!

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