Shopping at Walmart should be easy and exciting! With their generous coupon policy and everyday low prices, Walmart can be a one-stop shop. Here are a few things to make shopping a bit easier:

Know your specific store's coupon policy. Although the Walmart corporate policy allows for overages (yes, you can MAKE money at Walmart!), the general manager of each store has the ability to overrule it. Before you shop, check with customer service.

Shop before 9 a.m. Cashiers are fresher and more likely to help with specific customer needs earlier in the morning. Plus, the stores are less crowded and give cashiers a bit more time to process each transaction.

If a coupon "beeps," be patient. This does not mean the coupon is invalid. If you hear the dreaded "beep," politely ask the cashier to review the coupon with the customer service manager.

Check alternate areas of the store for hard-to-find merchandise. Walmart frequently stocks items in multiple areas around the store. If you can't find a specific kind of baby wipes in the baby section, check with the toilet paper or health and beauty department.

Return frequently. Unlike most other major retailers, Walmart rarely keeps back-stock, so if you can't find an item you need, check again within three days. You might hit a jackpot!