A few months ago, I asked my sister to print a coupon from her computer for me. Instead of receiving the two coupons I expected, she gave me ten! Surprised, I asked how she had so many, and she replied innocently that she had photocopied them.

To a newbie couponer, this seems like an obvious solution. But photocopying coupons is just as illegal as photocopying currency, and is considered fraud. Always use only genuine coupons with valid barcodes.

Here are some other coupon ethics readers frequently ask The Krazy Coupon Lady:

The coupon is a PDF. How many times can I print it?
Technically, you can print this coupon indefinitely. Ethically, you should stick to couponing protocol and only print twice per computer.

I want to sell my freebies on eBay. Is that okay?
The sale of items purchased with use of a coupon is generally prohibited in the coupon’s fine print.

I buy items I don't need as moneymakers to apply to other items I do need.
Great! Money-saving innovation is nothing to be ashamed of. Now, donate those unneeded items!

I've received my Ibotta credit. Now can I return the item?
The answer to this should be obvious, but as stated in the Ibotta policy, "By using the service you agree not to redeem, or attempt to redeem, Ibotta Offers for products that have not actually been purchased and retained, or for products that have been purchased but returned to a store, following purchase.”