We were recently introduced to magnetic nail polish. And to be honest, our skepticism got the best of us. Does this really work? Is it as easy to use as they say? Does it look like the pictures? So we decided to order it for ourselves and put it to the test. Ready for the truth?

It worked! It was super easy to apply and the results really matched the pictures. We had a blast playing with the colors and different patterns. After all was said and done, we were pleasantly surprised and thought this would make a great Christmas gift.

In fact one user wrote: “A few of my friends and I tried these after seeing how much buzz this new design was getting on Pinterest. I have to say the Magna Nails Kit is one of the most innovative and fun products out there. Great gift idea.”

So we reached out for a deal and here’s what we have for you today.

Magna Nails

Meet Magna Nails! Their unique polishes create patterned designs on your nails using magnets that react to the polish. Each set contains 4 polishes and 4 magnets, so there’s lots to play around with.

A set of these polishes costs $10.99, plus $6.95 for shipping. You can also add a bonus set to your order for just the $6.95 cost of shipping! The total price with both sets is $24.95, which comes out to about $3.11 per polish!

Such a fun Christmas gift! Visit Magna Nails to get stated.

2 Magna Nail Sets $10.99
Shipping is $13.90 for both sets
Final Price: $24.98 shipped, or $3.11 each