Dear Krazy Couponers,

In all of our efforts to find the best deals around, both grocery and retail, we hope it’s making a difference in your lives! That’s why we do what we do: to help Americans everywhere live the lives they’ve always dreamed of.

In fact, the very last sentence in our mission statement says, “We hope to enable smart people to live like rich people.” We hear stories all of the time about empowered KCLs that initiate financial change in their lives and experience amazing results because of it. So congratulations to so many of you!

With all of that said, we want to let you in on a little challenge we’re facing. It’s called: Facebook! Don’t get us wrong. We absolutely love Facebook and couldn’t live without it. But recently they changed their algorithm, which means many of you aren’t seeing our deals in your newsfeed. The goal behind this change was to make companies start paying to promote their posts on Facebook in order to reach their fans. Since we’re a free site, this just won’t work for us.

So this is where you come in. The solution could be fairly simple. Ready for this? The more you share, comment and like our stuff on facebook, the more visible it will become. So please help us out by sharing, commenting and liking our status updates. With enough of us working together on this little challenge, we hope that KCLs across America will continue to have the tools necessary to keep saving their way to their dreams!

Side note: Another amazing way to get all of our deals at your fingertips is through our daily newsletter. Tomorrow we’re starting an amazing contest where you could win $500! So sign up now and tune in tomorrow!

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