Hold on tight, Krazy Couponers! We have an amazing opportunity coming your way. Want to earn $500 with just a small amount of effort? Then read on!

‘Tis the season to save with the Krazy Coupon Lady. But it wouldn’t be as fun without passing those savings along, right? After all, what better time of year to share than during the holidays?

So here’s your perfect opportunity.

Introducing . . . “12 Days of Christmas” KCL style. From December 13th through December 24th we’ll be sending out a daily “Best of” email. It will contain a list of our top deals, and we mean only the hottest. Expect the email to be full of freebies, moneymakers, hot tips and retail deals that no one should pass up.

Sounds good, but what about the $500?

Sign Up to Win $500

So here’s what you need to do for a chance to win $500. Pay close attention. There are a few moving parts. But believe us, it’s well worth the money!

  1. Sign up below for our newsletter. If you’ve already signed up in the past, thank you! You’re off to a good start!
  2. Every day you receive the “Best of” email, forward it to a few friends. Make sure that over the course of the 12-day campaign you send it to at least 10 friends. Hint: the more people you send it to, the better chance you have of winning.
  3. Then tell your friends to sign up for the newsletter. First, let them know they’re helping you win $500. Then convince them that it’s well worth an email sign-up! The very best deals 12 days in a row, straight to your inbox–who wouldn’t want to sign up?
  4. Once they sign up, have them send an email to contest@thekrazycouponlady.com telling us you referred them. Make sure they include your email address, or we won’t be able to credit you.
  5. They can then jump in on the contest themselves by referring their own friends. See, it’s one big happy cycle of giving!
  6. By Christmas Eve we hope to have an inbox full of people that were referred by you. We’ll randomly draw one winner from the list of referrers. The winner will receive a $500 American Express Card.

See — easy money! The contest begins today. So sign up now and get ready to share!

Happy holidays!

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