One of the most frustrating things about mail-in rebates is when your rebate submission gets “lost in the system” or “never received.” Counter this by scanning or copying all submissions and filing them away for possible future entanglements.

Be thorough

Always make sure to fill out everything on rebate forms, including all required information, and include clipped UPCs and receipts if required. When this is complete, scan, copy, or take detailed pictures of all of the items (including the addressed envelope) and save the image in a folder on your computer or print it out. I save all my rebate submission scans in one folder and make note of when/if I receive the rebate.

Follow up

While it’s ideal to have online rebate tracking, some mail-ins don’t have this option. If it’s been past the expected wait time, call the company’s customer service and see if there are holdups. If they claim they never received them or all the information was not included, you have back-ups and proof on your side. You may need to be transferred to a manager to deal with the situation, but the result could be getting those hard-earned dollars back in your pocket.