If you’re a mom who loves to buy distinctive and adorable clothes for your little ones, then you are probably already a huge fan of Zulily.com. This popular site, which has become a household name in just the past few years, is the shopping mecca for mothers. Every day, new boutique items go up for sale at an average of 50–60+ percent off. In addition, the site offers about 50–60 new Zulily items each morning. These items include hand-selected children's clothes, infant gear, women's apparel and even unique décor for the home.

So, how does Zulily.com work?

First, Zulily's buyers negotiate deals with popular name brands and also distinguished designers, and these deals result in a limited quantity of top-quality goods at a fraction of the regular price. Zulily.com posts new events every day at 6 a.m. Pacific Time. These events usually stay live for 72 hours; however, they occasionally only last for 24 hours. Items sell out quickly on Zulily, so be sure to check the site early and daily for the best deals.

Getting the most out of Zulily.com

  • Daily email program: The best way to find incredible savings before a deal sells out is to become a Zulily email member (click here to sign up). Zulily will send a daily email early in the morning highlighting the day's events and any special promotions.
  • Share and receive credit: Share your Zulily links and purchases with friends via social media and email, and receive a shopping credit each time a friend signs up and makes a purchase. Simply click the "Invite Friends Page" once you log in to the Zulily site and send an email invitation to friends, or just post directly to your Facebook, personal blog, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Your credit will appear as soon as your friend's first order ships.
  • Social media: Follow Zulily on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for additional special events and deals.