Where can you find the hottest techie-products in addition to incredible deals on home décor items and men's and women's apparel, health and beauty products? One word—Tanga! Tanga.com offers visitors hot new deals and sales every day. Here’s how the site works:

  • Every morning at 7:00 AM (Pacific Time), Tanga releases six new 24-hour deals at a fraction of their original price.
  • Each afternoon at 4:00 PM (Pacific Time), Tanga begins a new 48-hour event sale.

Tanga.com also has two methods of shipping. First, any items located directly in Tanga's stockpile will ship directly from the company's warehouse. But sometimes Tanga partners with another company which helps pass on additional savings to you. These items will ship directly from the company. While this process can sometimes add 5–10 days onto processing and shipping time, Tanga will offer you the lowest possible price, as the item doesn't have to be sent to their warehouse first. When it comes to shipping prices, they depend on each specific deal Tanga negotiates. Sometimes shipping is free, sometimes it is by the item, and other times shipping can be combined (this is helpful when ordering different products coming directly from various warehouses).

Try a Tangathon

Want to get the best deal possible on Tanga? Check back often for their Tangathons! Tangathons can last up to a few days (depending on how fast each product sells out). Items are listed in succession—as soon as one sells out, the next Tangathon item immediately pops up online.

Become a Tanga Member

In order to get the best deals, plus information on upcoming special events and the opportunity to win daily and monthly prizes, sign up for Tanga's free membership here. Members can also take part in Tanga's "Daily Fun" activities, where they can earn Tanga Points, which the website states will be redeemable for special items online in the near future. Shop often at Tanga and be considered a STU (Super Tanga User), which enables you to accumulate even more Tanga points plus have special access to midday item releases that aren't viewable by the general public.