Did you know that the time you spend online checking email, printing coupons and more can earn you awesome Valentine’s freebies?  Take 30 seconds to join Bing Rewards, start browsing online, and earn rewards like free flower delivery vouchers, gift cards to Sephora, Amazon and more.

What's Bing Rewards?

Bing is an electronic rewards program that earns you gift cards, free products and more for spending time online. Once you join with a Facebook or Microsoft account, watch the upper right corner of your screen for the Bing rewards counter. You'll rack up points for great rewards every time you’re online with Bing.

The Details:

Earn up to 15 credits per day for searching online, along with bonuses for tasks like answering questions and referring friends.

New members get a 20-credit bonus on sign-up. Four or five days of using Bing Rewards and you've got 1oo credits for a $15 voucher to ProFlowers. A few weeks and you've got the 450-550 credits for an Amazon gift card or Sephora. Join Bing and make your Valentine’s Day great!