Celebrate St Patrick's Day with a Shamrock Scavenger Hunt – Swagbucks style!

Today only, between 8am – 8pm PT (11am – 11pm ET) see if you can find the Shamrocks that lead to a pot of gold, i.e., Bonus Swag Bucks!  Throughout the day  the site will reveal Shamrocks through "Official Messages" that will appear on your screen.

When you see one of these Shamrocks appear, you must click on it to claim the Shamrock.  You will then be asked to confirm – just to be sure it's yours.

Only a limited number of Shamrocks will be available, and once that number has been claimed it will disappear.

Each Shamrock claimed = 1 Bonus Swag Buck added to your account within that hour (it will not credit immediately but will within 60 minutes).

But don't worry if you miss out on a Shamrock because another will be appearing somewhere else across the site in a matter of time.  These Shamrocks could appear on any swagbucks.com page at any time between 8am and 8pm PT.

Feeling lucky?