Do you purchase Cheez-Its, Pop-Tarts, cereal and more Kellogg’s products? If so, signing up for Kellogg’s free Family Rewards program is a must! Earn rewards for the groceries you already purchase. Plus, get exclusive coupons, recipes, special offers and promotions. Members have access to coupons that no one else gets.

To earn rewards, enter the code found inside specially marked Kellogg's Family Rewards packages to collect points. Then, redeem the points on items like kitchenware, apparel and sports gear, music, ebooks and coupons.

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Rewards codes:

  • GETYOURGOLDENEGG for 1,000 points.
  • GETEASTERGOODIES for 50 points.
  • EASTEREGGHUNTWIN for 50 points.
  • SPRINGONTHECOLOR for 20 points.
  • SPIDEYEXCITEMENT for 20 points.
  • SPECIALK5BONUS4U for 50 points.
  • HOLLYJOLLYCOSTCO for 50 points.
  • EARNSWEETREWARDS for 50 points.
  • KFRSHARETHANKS20 for 20 points.
  • EARNGREATREWARDS for 20 points.
  • GIFTOFMUSICBONUS for 20 points.
  • KELLOGGSFREEBOOK for 50 points.
  • GRAINSDAIRYFRUIT for 50 points.
  • GREATSTARTSBONUS for 20 points.
  • HOWITWORKS20PNTS for 20 points.