In case you missed anything from earlier today, here are some of the hottest deals. Don't miss out on all these amazing savings!

Freebies& Moneymakers

Free Triaminic at Dollar Tree!                     

Moneymaker Sambazon Juice at Publix!                     

Free Bush's Cocina Latina Beans at Publix!                     

Free Revlon Eye Shadow at Rite Aid!                     

Moneymaker Got2b Spiking Glue at Target!                     

Free 7-Up Ten at Target!                     

Free Wrigley's 5 Gum at Walgreens!                     

Free Pink Water Lubricant at Walgreens!                     

Free Revlon Shadow Links at Walgreens!                     

Free Colgate Optic White Toothpaste at Walgreens!                     

$1.00 or Less

V8 Fusion+Energy, Only $0.17 per Can at Rite Aid!                     

Got2b Hair Spray, Only $0.99 at Rite Aid!                     

Driscoll’s Strawberries, Only $0.45 at Target!                     

Bear Naked Peanut Butter Bars, Only $0.50 at Target!                     

L'Oreal Hair Color and Shampoo, Only $0.99 at Target!                     

Dial Hello Kitty Hand Wash, Only $0.94 at Target!                     

Bayer Aspirin, Only $0.49 at Walgreens!                     

Black Magic Pro Shine Protectant , Only $0.97 at Walmart!                     

Bic Simply Soleil Disposable Razors, Only $0.47 at Walmart!                     

Honey Dijon Kettle Chips, Only $0.48 at WinCo!                     

Froot Loops Cereal, Only $0.98 at WinCo!                     

Tai Pei Entrees or Appetizers, Only $0.48 at WinCo!                     

Other Deals

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste and Spinbrush, Only $1.56 at Rite Aid!                     

New Coupon: Old Spice Deodorant, Only $1.74 at Target!                     

CoverGirl TruBlend Foundation, Only $1.94 at Target!                     

Ziploc Bags, Only $1.50 at Walgreens, Starting 5/11!                     

Renu Contact Solution, Only $5.79 at Walgreens!                     

Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster, $2.50 at Walgreens!