In case you missed anything from earlier today, here are some of the hottest deals. Don't miss out on all these amazing savings!

Freebies & Moneymakers

Better-than-Free Colgate Toothbrushes at CVS!                     

Free Poise Liners at Kmart!                     

Vlasic Relish, as Low as Free at Kroger!                     

Free Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations at Meijer!                     

$0.51 Moneymaker Clear Eyes at Rite Aid, Starting 5/18!                     

Free Beneful Baked Delights at Rite Aid!                     

Free 7-Up Ten at Safeway!                     

Free Wound Wash and First Aid Kit at Walgreens!                     

Moneymaker Visine and Benadryl at Walgreens!                     

Free Brach's Candy at Walgreens!                     

$1.00 or Less

Revlon Eye Shadow, as Low as $0.24 at CVS!                     

Bayer Chewable Aspirin, Only $0.49 at Kmart!                     

Purina T-Bonz Dog Snacks, Only $0.50 at Kroger!                     

Green Giant Vegetables, Only $0.50 at Kroger!                     

Coupon Reset: Revlon Emery Boards, Only $0.29 at Rite Aid!                     

All Detergent, Only $1.00 at Safeway!                     

Glade Coupon Reset: Automatic Spray Refill, $0.99 at Walgreens!                     

Garnier Hair Stylers, as Low as $0.50 at Walgreens!                     

Rimmel 60 Seconds Nail Polish, Only $0.27 at Walgreens!                     

Heinz Ketchup, Only $0.46 at Walmart!                     

Other Deals

Purex Crystals, as Low as $1.10 at CVS!                     

Edy's or Dreyer's Outshine Fruit Bars, Only $1.67 at CVS!                     

Belvita Soft Baked, Only $1.19 at Rite Aid!                     

Arm & Hammer Whitening Booster, $2.50 at Walgreens with Reset Coupon!                     

Revlon Pressed Powder, Only $3.49 at Walgreens!                     

Ziploc Bags, Only $1.16 at Walmart!                     

Great Value Milk, Only $1.48 at Walmart!