In case you missed anything from earlier today, here are the hottest grocery deals. Don’t miss out on all these amazing savings!

Rolling at CVS: 11 Products Valued at $64.49 for Only $25.04!
Let’s Shop at Rite Aid: 18 Products for $10.12!
Let’s Shop at Target: 13 Products for $7.80!
5 New High-Value Cartwheel Offers–Save on Hot Wheels!
Let’s Shop at Walgreens: Moneymaker Starbucks & Crystal Light!
Let’s Shop for the Fourth of July at Walmart: 8 Products for $8.28!

Freebies & Moneymakers

Free Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta at Kroger!
Free Brut Deodorant at Kroger!
Free Tasty Bite Organic Basmati Rice at Meijer!
Free Birds Eye Recipe Ready at Walmart!

$1.00 or Less

Golden Grahams, as Low as $0.16 at King Soopers!
Hillshire Farm American Craft Sausage, as Low as $0.99 at Kroger!
Lipton Tea and Gatorade, Only $0.45 at Rite Aid!
Colgate 360 Toothbrush, Only $0.99 at Rite Aid!
Welch’s Juice, as Low as $1.00 at Safeway!
Pillsbury Frosting, Only $0.87 at Target!
Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash, Only $0.99 at Target!
Ivory Soap, Only $0.23 per Bar at Walgreens!
Ivory Bar Soap, Only $0.99 at Walmart!
New Coupons! Scope Outlast Mouthwash, Only $0.77 at Walgreens!
Old El Paso Taco Seasoning, Only $0.45 at Walmart!
Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes, Only $0.75 at Walmart!
Bic Sensitive Disposable Razors 12-Pack, Only $0.68 at Walmart!
Ziploc Bags, Only $0.53 at Walmart!

Other Deals

Colgate Mouthwash, Only $1.99 at CVS!
Fresh Guard, Only $1.99 at Rite Aid!
Coca-Cola 12-Packs, Only $2.33 at Rite Aid!
Bic Flex Razors, Only $2.99 at Rite Aid!
L’Oreal Ever Shampoo or Conditioner, Only $2.49 at Rite Aid!
Jif To Go Peanut Butter, Only $1.55 at Target!
Secret Clinical Deodorant, Only $3.49 at Target–Save 56%!
Simple Facial Wipes, Only $2.00 at Walgreens!