We love when we have exciting news to share. Lately it just seems to keep rolling in. Here’s some more! Hold on to your hats!

As you know, we launched our first and only eBook at the beginning of July. We were super excited about it. But now it’s available on Amazon Kindle too. Can I hear a “Woot! Woot!”? Cause to celebrate, right? This is a first for us, so every new milestone is exciting!

In light of that great news, we’re launching another 50% off sale! So now through the end of July get the book on Kindle, or get a downloadable pdf version for only $3.99. That’s 50% off!

Get the Kindle Version:

  • Click the “Go Now” button below. This takes you to the purchase page.
  • Click on the “Buy Now” circle button.
  • You’ll be given two choices: pdf or Kindle. Click “Kindle.”
  • This will take you to Amazon where you can purchase, pay, and download.

Get the pdf  Version for All Other Devices:

  • Click the “Go Now” button below.
  • Once on the purchase page, click the button at the top that says “Click for Coupon.”
  • Once you click, a pop-up will appear.
  • Simply enter your first name and email address. Then click “Send Me Free Chapter.”
  • Open your inbox to receive the coupon code and the free chapter.
  • Head back to the purchase page and click “Buy Now.”
  • Another pop-up will appear that explains a bit more about the ebook. On the right side, click “I want this.” You’ll then be taken to checkout.
  • Enter email address, coupon code, and credit card info. Note: once you enter the coupon code, the price drops from $7.99 to $3.99!
  • Hit “Pay.”
  • The eBook is now yours!

Since launching we’ve had a few questions about what to expect in the book and how it differs from information you already have access to on the site. So to be completely transparent and to lay it all out there for you, here are the answers!

What’s Inside?

We take a step-by-step approach to teaching you the basics of couponing. Over the course of 10 chapters, you’ll transform from coupon-shy to coupon-savvy. Inside you’ll:

  • Learn how to coupon in less than an hour each week.
  • Find more coupons, get organized, learn policy, and shop without stress.
  • Discover how simple it is to save.
  • Apply these principles to all areas of spending to maximize savings and cushion that budget.

How Does It Differ from the Site?

We’ve updated the info to include new ways to organize and new savings methods. You’ll find links to additional articles, links to downloadable files, links to videos, and more.

Why We Love It!

We think it’s beautiful, straightforward, and simple to follow. We love the look of it, and it’s a great resource.

Why You Should Order It!

It contains everything you need to know to get started and to be successful at couponing. It’s the perfect resource for any and all krazy couponers. Plus, it’s only $3.99. So why not? Get yours now!