Through August 17, sign up for Saving Star and get a free box of Jell-O gelatin dessert!

What is SavingStar?

SavingStar is an instant discount on tons of your favorite products at over 24,000 grocery stores nationwide! Just visit SavingStar and load this (and any other) eCoupons you like onto the store loyalty cards you already use.

How do I claim my rewards?

SavingStar is a rebate program, so rewards are not automatically deducted from your total at checkout. When you purchase a box of Jell-O this weekend, you will still have to pay the full price out of pocket. The price of the Jell-O will automatically be added to your SavingStar account to cash out at a later date–much like Ibotta.

As soon as you reach a minimum balance of $5.00, you're eligible to cash out with PayPal—easy! Visit SavingStar and start taking advantage of dozens of eCoupons today.