Here’s a brand new deal exclusive to KCLers. We’re so excited about it. We think it’s a must-have for all parents! In fact, it’s the perfect way to stay in touch with what matters most.

From a company that has worked closely with Apple for years, we’re bringing you izon, the personal solution to monitoring.

Today, save over 50% on a monitor. The cool part: it’s multi-functional. Use it as a baby monitor, pet monitor, home monitor and more.

Regularly priced at $150 plus, the monitor is now as low as $51.97 with the coupon code kidcam.

Why Izon?

What makes izon so amazing? It’s a camera that streams live video right to your phone. It’s easy to use, easy to install and stays with you wherever you go. You can receive push notifications whenever your baby cries, track behavior of your pet over time, and store up to 100 playbacks. Plus, the izon camera uses smart technology which means the WiFi camera won't slow down your internet bandwidth. The best news: this is the lowest price around on similar products of the same quality. So get yours while the price is low!

All you do is buy the camera, download the app, plug it in and follow the instructions.

Buy Now

You have two different options. Either way, just visit the site here and get started.

  • Choose between the izon view and the izon 2.0. Check out the specifics to decide which is best for you.
  • Then click “Buy Now.”
  • You’ll be taken to the purchase page. No need to enter the coupon code. It’s automatically added to the cart.
  • Notice the new price.
  • Click “Checkout” and proceed.