This month is Member September Month at Rite Aid. This means that for the month of September, once registered, you will earn triple Wellness+ Points on most in-store and nonprescription purchases. Usually, Rite Aid gives one point for every dollar spent in-store. This month, receive three points for every dollar spent. Points earned increase your Wellness+ account from Bronze to Silver, and then to Gold level. Each level gives increasing rewards, including a 10% store discount at the Silver level and a 20% discount at the Gold level.

Here are the details on earning triple Wellness+ points:

  • The offer is valid 8/31 – 9/30.
  • Earn triple points on most nonprescription purchases.
  • You must register at to earn triple points.
  • Once registered, a barcode will be emailed to you. Print it, or have it on your phone and bring it to the store to have it scanned to activate the promotion.

This is the perfect month to get closer to the Silver and Gold discounts! Don’t forget to register; you don’t want to miss this!