There are plenty of great deals to be found at Meijer! Be sure to sign up for their mPerks digital coupon program, which regularly puts out high-value coupons for groceries, toiletries, toys, clothing, electronics and more!

Coupons Accepted at Meijer:

Manufacturer Newspaper Coupons: Item being purchased must meet the terms and conditions of the coupon. Only one manufacturer coupon per item may be used. Manufacturer coupons may be stacked with Meijer store coupons. Meijer does not accept expired coupons. There is a limit of two like coupons with the same UPC code per transaction.

Printable Manufacturer Coupons: Meijer accepts printable manufacturer coupons from reputable sources. Printable coupons must have a scannable barcode. There is a limit of two like coupons with the same UPC code per transaction.

mPerks Digital Coupons: Meijer offers many digital coupons through their mPerks program. Sign up for the program on the Meijer website and clip the coupons you are interested in. To redeem, simply enter your phone number and pin number during in-store checkout. If you attempt to use a paper manufacturer coupon when you have an mPerks digital coupon clipped for the same item, you will then be prompted to choose which one you want to use. Meijer does not accept digital eCoupons from any source other than mPerks.

Catalina Coupons: At the end of checkout, you will frequently receive Catalina coupons that may be used on your next purchase.

Paper Meijer Coupons: Every so often, Meijer will send out Meijer store coupons in the mail. These are typically high-value and/or freebie coupons with short expiration dates!

Why we’re KRAZY about Meijer!

Personalized, Pharmacy, and Fuel Station Rewards: Check out the mPerks webpage to see current rewards being offered just for shopping at Meijer! Rewards include specific dollar or percentage amounts off your total purchase, including at the pharmacy and fuel station. Meijer has now made earning rewards even easier. You no longer need to sign up for a reward to begin earning it. All you need to do is make a qualifying purchase for a given reward category and enter your MPerks number at checkout. You’ll automatically be enrolled to start earning that reward! Keep in mind that rewards have expiration dates.

High-Value Digital Store Coupons: Frequently, Meijer will run a special two-, three-, or four-day sale. Many times, they will offer a special digital store coupon as well that will allow you to take a certain dollar amount off your purchase on a qualifying day/days. (This is usually based on the total amount you spend: the more you spend, the more you save.) When these coupons are offered, they typically allow you to automatically save $5.00, $10.00, or even $15.00 off your purchase right away!

Meijer Community Rewards: Meijer makes charitable giving easy with their Community Rewards program. When you enroll for this program, you’ll be given a card to scan at checkout during any future purchases. A certain percentage (0.5-1.00%) will then go directly to a local participating K-12 school or religious organization of your choice. The icing on the cake is that you will then be eligible to periodically earn exclusive rewards back on your purchases!