There were some awesome deals this week at Walgreens: two moneymakers, free Sunkist, 7-Up or A&W Ten, and 15 deals under $1.00! Hurry to print these coupons and visit Walgreens to take advantage of the savings! Also, be sure to check out the bottom of this post featuring upcoming deals. Here are some of the very best this week:

Moneymaker MG217 Psoriasis Gel!

Better-than-free Joint Flex Ice Roll-On!

Free Sunkist, 7-Up or A&W Ten!

Yes to Cucumber wipes are $0.19!

Vanity Fair napkins are $0.37!

Get Sparkle paper towels for $0.42 per roll!

Puffs tissues are $0.49!

Tresemme shampoo is $0.50 at Walgreens!

Get Carmex lip balm for $0.55!

Children's Oral Electrolyte Drinks are $0.63!

Dixie Grab 'N Go cups are $0.65!

Halloween: Get Twizzlers snack size bags for $0.70!

Dawn dish soap is $0.74!

Degree MotionSense deodorant is $0.99!

Get General Mills cereal for as Low as $0.99!

Halloween: Top 3 Walgreens Halloween candy deals–all under $1.00!

Children's Robitussin and Dimetapp are $1.32!

Got2b hair care, as low as $1.39!

Noxzema Triple Blade disposable razors are $1.74!

Get Rolaids Tablets for $1.82!

Pond's Cold Cream is $2.59!

Lindt boxed chocolates, as Low as $2.74!

Playtex tampons are $2.99!

Get Emergen-C powder packets for $2.99!

Well Beginnings diapers, as Low as $4.00!

Dr. Cocoa cough & cold relief for children is $5.54!

Save $15.00 on Crest 3D White Whitestrips!

Starting 10/26 Campbell's soup will be $0.66!

Starting 10/26 Kellogg's cereal will be $1.67!

Starting 10/26 Pull-Ups jumbo packs will be $4.67!

Starting 11/2 Bisquick will be $1.00!