Visit Checkout 51 to save on bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, bananas and oranges. New offers were just released today! 

Throughout the month of November, Checkout 51 users will be able to choose a personalized weekly offer, many for produce or meat! There will still be a long list of other available offers, but the choice to pick the produce or meat offer you want is very exciting! Here’s how:

  • Look for an offer that reads “Pick your own offer.”
  • Tap on it to reveal a list of offers, including bacon and produce.
  • Select one offer and it will automatically be added to your available offers list.

I selected bacon because I know that it will be well received at our house!

Buy 1 Lettuce, any whole head, excludes salad mixes, Receive $0.25 with Checkout 51

Buy 1 Bacon, 8 oz package or larger, any brand, any variety, excludes pre-cooked bacon and bacon snacks, Receive $0.25 with Checkout 51

Buy 1 Tomatoes, any variety of fresh tomatoes, excludes canned tomatoes, Receive $0.25 with Checkout 51

Buy 1 Oranges, any variety, excludes canned oranges, Receive $0.25 with Checkout 51

Buy 1 Bananas, any brand, excludes frozen varieties, Receive $0.25 with Checkout 51