Reebok just launched a brand new campaign. In fact, it’s the biggest campaign they’ve run in the last 15 years. The gist: Be More Human.

Reebok's mission is to help every individual realize their full potential in the mental, physical and social aspects of their lives. They’re doing so by encouraging a fitness-focused life and by creating products to help you perform in the toughest environments and activities.

Be More Human

Of course, we at are invested in helping our fellow krazy couponers live the best lives possible. To do so, we approach it from a financial standpoint. That’s not to say we don’t have our own goals that line up well with Reebok.

Here at the office we push for employees to stay healthy and happy.

  • In December, we ran a month-long plank contest. At the end of the month we had a “Plank Off.” The winner held a plank pose for 6 minutes! Phew!
  • Currently, we’re running a push-up contest. We’ll eventually have a “Push Off”‘ at the end of the month. Stay posted for results.
  • On a daily basis, we encourage our employees to get up and take short walks throughout the day.
  • And, of course, we’re posting deals on shoes, workout gear and more on a consistent basis.

Sign Up & Save

So join Reebok in their quest to help promote a happy life. Check out the promo here, shop around, and, of course, sign up for their newsletter to get 15% off.

Win $100

The best part: share your own fitness success stories or something new that you’re trying in the comments section below for a chance to win a $100 Reebok gift card! Can’t wait to hear from you!