Week 1 of our Instagram challenge is officially over. It was amazing seeing all of your photos and KCL accounts you created! We’re excited to share our challenge for week 2!

For those who missed it last week, we've started a new Instagram contest. Each week, we'll come up with a new challenge for you to post to your Instagram account using a KCL-specific hashtag. Complete the challenge and you're automatically entered to win $100 and a KCL swag bag!

The challenge for week 2 is: Show off Your Savings Sidekick! What does that mean? We want to see pictures of you with your favorite shopping buddy! Snap a pic and post to instagram with the hashtag #KCLlife. We'll choose a weekly winner every Sunday.

This is more than just a weekly challenge, though. We want to create a whole Krazy Coupon Lady community on Instagram where you can connect with other KCL members. Use the same hashtag (#KCLlife) for any photo you want to share with us. We just want to see your beautiful faces, so post your hearts out!

To Enter:

  • Create an Instagram account! We suggest creating an account with "KCL" in the name. For example, KCLJoanie and KCLHeather. This is so you won't have to worry about filling your personal Instagram account with stuff about couponing and will make it easier to connect with other KCL members.
  • Follow us at TheKrazyCouponLady.
  • Keep an eye out for our weekly challenge announcements.
  • Use the hashtag #KCLlife. This is how we'll see your challenge entries and what you're up to. Post as much as your heart desires using this hashtag. We want to see tons of pictures!
  • Have fun with it! We love scrolling through Instagram and just want to see what you're up to. Make sure to check in with us daily!