Full confession: I'm suffering some major mom guilt right now! Earlier this week, I chaperoned my daughter's field trip to the planetarium. At one point, the teacher told all the children to take out their snacks…and I looked over to my daughter and she looked over at me..and at that moment I realized that I had not packed her a snack. The truth was, I hadn’t had time to get to the grocery store in the last few days and we were out of snacks in the house. So here I am, chaperoning a field trip, and my daughter doesn't have a snack and I’m sure the teacher is giving me a disapproving look…talk about a parenting fail!

It's at that moment that I decided to finally subscribe to Amazon's Subscribe & Save program to get my school snacks on auto-delivery. Amazon has an auto-ship feature for many household and grocery items which allows you to select your items and have them shipped to your home each month. It is a very convenient service and I’m so happy I stumbled upon it!

Here are two of the items I ordered:

Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies, 6 ct 4 pk $11.72
15% Off with Amazon Subscribe & Save, when you subscribe to 5 or more items (-$1.76)
20% Off Fiber One Bars Amazon Coupon (-$2.34)
Final Price: $7.62, or $1.91 per box
Compare to $2.98 per box at Walmart
Compare to $2.99 per box at Target

Scooby Doo Fruit Shapes, 0.8 oz 10 ct 5 pk $10.00
15% Off with Amazon Subscribe & Save, when you subscribe to 5 or more items (-$1.50)
15% Off Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks Amazon Coupon (-$1.50)
Final Price: $7.00, or $0.14 per bag
Compare to $0.20 per pack at Walmart
Compare to $0.20 per pack at Target

As you can see, both of these items are priced well below in-store prices. The best part is that they are delivered to my home. Save yourself the mom guilt and get your school snacks on auto-delivery; you’ll sleep better at night. Learn more about Amazon Subscribe & Save here.

We’re so intrigued with Amazon Subscribe & Save! In fact, we’ve been covering these online deals here for the last five weeks! Check them out here.